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Business and Personal Development Coach who engages with people to evolve towards creating their future. Creative problem solver – encourages people to explore have active imaginations. Sumo wrestler lover, embraces 70 feels 50, wife, lover, mother, grandmother, invites honest conversations, passionate traveller and fashion adventurer, lover of living a meaning life and doing things that matter.


I have never considered myself beautiful. My features are strong and my eyes a little too cool. China Machado, the 86yr old model, fashion editor and TV producer who passed away in 2016 was my muse. I could relate to her exotic looks, firebrand personality, flawless style, ability to reinvent herself, and an endless curiosity to experience life.

I was, thank heavens, blessed with a powerful sense of where I wanted to go. Even though at moments it seemed a little hazy and from time to time went off course.

My mother would often say, “You know darling, you’re best at being yourself.” Naturally, when you’re young during the 60s, you can’t understand that wisdom. You think it’s about emulating the long-legged fashion models of the day. Totally impossible for me as you can see.

I’ve learned the value of my journey. I have understood that fear limits your vision, obstacles, and mistakes serve to build your strength if you let them, and yes there is darkness and light.

But as you move through, peel back the layers, take risks and trust your instincts, you become sharper and bolder. You’ll discover a beautiful resilience that has its own elegance, beauty, confidence, and style that only belongs to you.

Botticelli in Black is about the 70, 80, and 90-year-olds who are still fearlessly stylish and impossibly vibrant. Botticellians own themselves and their beauty. They’re paving the way for diversity making everyone re-think their assumptions on age and beauty. And, they love every moment of it.

I’m not the same person from when I started. At the age of 70, people stop me in the streets all over the world and say – “You’re elegant, beautiful.” My husband rolls his eyes, and I simply smiles. Perhaps I’ve come of age.

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