Creativity is my Authenticity


It’s become fashionable to say “Our workplace is all about authenticity, or I only live an authentic life.” Authenticity is one of the most buzz-worthy, words at the moment. It’s everywhere, and everyone and every company are looking for there take on it.  Actually, there’s a stampede toward the holy grail of authenticity. Starting as a soft whisper spoken into the world’s collective consciousness authenticity has gathered tidal wave momentum.

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Embracing our 70’s and Loving Every Minute


Every Easter, on Good Friday, I meet with three dear friends that I’ve known for 50 years. Our story, no doubt, is like any number of friends that have walked the walk and talked the talk of friend, daughter, sister-wife, mother, aunt, careerist and all doer of all things. I’ve shared in the ecstasy of their first love, marvelled at their ideal choice of partners and delighted in their weddings. I’ve cherished their little ones and chatted over countless cups of coffee about dreams and perfect futures