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Personal Fashion Trends – Black Geisha


The beauty of this wedding kimono is a visual treat. Its layered colours and pure skill thread flow over, and through the garment like a gold, silver and red bird of paradise. I’ve always been fascinated with the fusion of traditional Japanese fashion, eastern art and western modernity. This sublime combination classic Japanese and elegant styling creates a powerful sensory image. Everything is wearable it’s up to your own marvellous Botticellian imagination.

Trend Setter

Women Gloves are the next big Fashion Accessory

black dress and red gloves with hat

Women Gloves the next big Fashion Accessory

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Catherine de Medici wore gloves to Court, helping to raise the popularity of gloves as a fashion accessory. She wore them perfumed, which legend states started as a “result of her attempt to cover the smell of the poisonous potions she used to murder her many enemies.” What a woman!

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