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It’s become fashionable to say “Our workplace is all about authenticity, or I only live an authentic life.” Authenticity is one of the most buzz-worthy, words at the moment. It’s everywhere, and everyone and every company are looking for there take on it.  Actually, there’s a stampede toward the holy grail of authenticity. Starting as a soft whisper spoken into the world’s collective consciousness authenticity has gathered tidal wave momentum.

The hot topic right now is the perception of authenticity and with all the noise around the issue. We have to ask ourselves are we lead by authenticity speak?BIB-orange-sash

“Know your Dreams. They know the way.”
Kobi Yamada

An exquisite piece of artistry by the fabulous Swedish jewellery designer Gerda Lynggaard of Monies Multi layered authentic Polish amber threaded with amber silk cotton. I want to dispel some myths, and no I’m not dishing out advice about the character of authenticity, but I’m thoroughly convinced that none of us would entertain the idea of a cookie cutter authenticity. Absolutely not!Swedish jewellery designer Gerda Lynggaard

It takes courage, strength, and bravery to be authentic in a world that is continually trying to make you a copy of someone else. We are frequently being influenced by society, celebrity and its prescribed model of stereotypical authenticity. I want to give people a reason to believe in their own brand, themselves.

Brand Botticelli in Black

The most significant thing about authenticity is that it demands we all take a long-term view of all our relationships and knowing this is not about being a one-off wonder. We can’t cook up authenticity It is, and will always be about building relationships over a lifetime and not being afraid of sharing our clear narrative. It’s about diving deep into relationships, challenging views that we once held and being ready to be captivated and prepared to shed the layers that have filtered our authenticity from ourselves. I want to be my best irresistible self for the rest of my sash in apartment

Just recently I watch the most heartwarming series on the ABC Employable Me. It follows people with neuro-diverse conditions such as autism and Tourette Syndrome as they search for meaningful employment. This uplifting, warm and insightful series draws on neuro experts to uncover the group’s hidden skills and to match job seekers to roles that can harness their strengths.

Employable me - ABC Australia

Kayla suffers uncontrollable tics and swearing which worsen during times of stress and anxiety.
The 21-year-old learns she has just got a trial for a job as a stage hand.

Picture: ABCSource:ABC

After all don’t we all deserve to belong and play our part in society, on our own terms? What’s wonderfully unique about this group of job seekers is, that their disability is the very essence of their authenticity. They see life through their own extraordinary prism and in a world where the first impression is everything they have to play by a different set of rules because they haven’t quite got their heads around what first impressions really mean, and while they appear not to fit, they often bring a set of specialist skills that blow your mind revealing

orange and white stripe dress

There’s always more than what meets the eye.

We live in an amazing time, society is shifting and changing entirely. We’re questioning values, lifestyles, systems and world leadership. We must revamp our thinking and not be afraid to stretch our imagination and create authentic conversations between each other, industries, people groups, unlike anything that has come before. We need to teach and nurture skills of passion, creativity, honest communication, purposeful thinking, and persistence. We’re all on the lifelong journey of learning underpinned by the key ingredient, love.

Get out of the lotus position and get ready to soar


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