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Just One Last Glance Before we Say Goodbye

Lyn Mcdonald - BIB

Just One Last Glance Before we Say Goodbye and Thanks for the Fabulous Memories

Inspirational Lynne McDonald is a lovely petite blond of “Une femme d’un certain age” whose style, and effortless warmth make you feel like you’re visiting an old friend when you walk into her cornucopia of pre-loved fashion treasures in Canterbury Rd Canterbury Melbourne

bib - Lyn Mcdonald - orange flower hat

Even before starting her shop and being encouraged by two friends over many a latte or three, Lynne was always the fashion lover and since her teenage years had made her own clothes adding her creative twist to the latest styles, and has been known to scour Prue Acton’s (Melbourne famous 1960’s designer) warehouse and pick up the last two bolts of metallic silk when Prue decided to run off into the sunset.

Pre-loved fashion has always captivated Lynne’s heart. She loves their character, sophistication, eccentricity or whimsy.

For 25yrs Lynne’s keen eye for styling women at any age has been celebrated and many a long-term friendship was sealed over fitting an artfully crafted garment, of an exquisite vintage, finished with one of her perfectly designed fascinators. Then off to the Melbourne Cup to be much admired.bib-yesterdays-today-recycled-fashion

When you invested in one of Lynne’s pre-loved garments you could rest assured that when you walked into a room, not another person would be wearing the same thing. I know because I have a magnificent piece of an exquisite vintage that I purchased for my son’s wedding 20yrs ago. While it started off as the most divine black wrap with yards of material to spare it has shown up in photo shoots as the perfect Japanese headdress, a belted 1950’s evening skirt and most recently on a cruise in the Mediterranean a flowing half cape that set my Spanish outfit ablaze.

Lynne has selected and handpicked her garments and loving edited the range that included everything from hats and jewellery to scarves, belts gloves and shoes. Lynne has always believed that true individual style comes from the finishing touches and taking the risk of moving out of your comfort zone.bib-blueflowers

Yesterday’s Today’s Fashion has always been my go-to for something a little different but alas no more. After 25 fabulous year, Lynne is shutting shop on the 30th of August 2018 due to real estate changes. Tears have been shed, and customers are devastated after all she was a Canterbury Road institution, and we all believed that she’d be there forever.

We’ll miss the warmth of her welcome, the witty conversation, fashion advice and her quick, easy smile, so for those of you who are in Melbourne pop over to

Yesterday’s Today’s Recycled Fashion
108 Canterbury Rd, Canterbury, Victoria Australia

Pick up a beautiful treasure as Lynne’s last wish is that they all go to a good home and are loved.


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