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Women Gloves are the next big Fashion Accessory

black dress and red gloves with hat

Women Gloves the next big Fashion Accessory

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Catherine de Medici wore gloves to Court, helping to raise the popularity of gloves as a fashion accessory. She wore them perfumed, which legend states started as a “result of her attempt to cover the smell of the poisonous potions she used to murder her many enemies.” What a woman!

New York Fashion Week 2018 served up gloves, gloves, gloves. All shapes, brilliant colours, glorious embellishments made from an array of stunning leathers, kid, latex and much more. I challenge you to find the perfect statement pair women gloves this season, and no more playing safe.

I know a couple of dazzling glove for women shops J. B. Guanti Saint-Germain-Des-Prés Paris, and Ines in Amsterdam.


Gloves for women the next big thing

If gloves could talk, the ones everyone’s seeing at fashion would have a lot to say. Coveteur will show you how to style them fox maximum impact.



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